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• 3/2/2018

can someone help with this?

so there is an anime with mechas. this particualr mecha is being piloted by a teenager. and he reprograms the entire mecha while fighting on sand dunes.

all the military mechs were falling over or lossing balance. the "bad guys" were all in mechs designed to fight on the ever shifting sands and had no problem standing... so to help with this the prodgity teen reprogrammed the mech to compensate for the sands ever shifting nature. once done ( in like 10 seconds) he ended the fight rather quickly... once he returned to the repair bay the other technitians had no clue how he did what he did..

can anyone help me figure this out?
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• 11/27/2017

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• 12/8/2014


is it just me or does sunrise like to suddenly stop a nice anime with a shit ending
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• 10/2/2014

Who really is hina? Possible spoiler (seemingly "Evil smile").

After watching the last 2 additional episode i concluded that hina is NOT from future.. Rather she is from the original timeline of Aoba. But she was send into the future by the experiment they did with Aoba (original timeline) and she got seperated. Rendering her the first to pilot the luxon doing coupling with dio as a confederation soldier. This explains why hina got no memories of what so ever in that (future timeline) thus she was trap in the loop..
The loop was done only twice. 
First when she as the pilot of luxon and the second where the anime started.
The third loop was done by bizon. rendering him a more a 70-80+ years old
But since they got back to their original timeline and it seems that aoba still got his memory of the future.. but hina do not... 
And i further conclude that since aoba possible got his memory of the happenings thus this will stop the further experimentation of the coupling system.
Am i the only one can say that the BC is great but didn't expect a possible next season. And if their will be it is possible future (timeline) sequel. (aoba and hina's grandchildren)...
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• 6/1/2014

"With That Bond, I'll Cut Out the Fate." ― Buddy Complex Part 2 Confirmed to Premiere this Fall!

That was seriously fast.
Note: In case you dunno, the subtitle "Ano Sora ni Kaeru Mirai Made" is the TV series' ending theme.
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• 5/30/2014

what's wrong with the Recent Changes page?

More like personal problem, but seriously, what's wrong with the Recent Changes page?
Somehow, it appears like it is messed up, and to be honest, I've experienced this since this wiki started to heavily modified/stylized (I guess).
Here's some look on some wikis, including this wiki.

This wiki → http://s6.postimg.org/45cjbhz2p/recentchanges_budicom.png
w:c:amaburi → http://s6.postimg.org/5lo1tn1zl/recentchanges_amaburi.png
w:c:selector-wixoss → http://s6.postimg.org/npr2e9zo1/recentchanges_selector.png
w:c:shakugan → http://s6.postimg.org/p676a5ryp/recentchanges_shakugan.png
w:c:date-a-live → http://s6.postimg.org/uvneugy4x/recentchanges_date.png
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• 5/24/2014

Seeking Editors

Currently our wiki is in a crisis: many of our pages have bad grammar. Currently we only have a few editors, around 4-5 that are active. We need some people to band together and join our Support Groups and help clean up the wiki in a one-shot sweep. Also any photos that we are missing, please feel free to add them, as I noticed some photos we don't yet have.
And this is a huge problem here: Please try not using the words "apparently", "just", etc. Be straight-forward with your sentences. Also make sure you capitalize your sentences! Common words that should be capitalized include:
Coupling, System, Valiancer, Names, Alliance.
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• 4/22/2014

Regarding Translations

I've noticed a lot of confusion over translations for things. Here are some I am cosntantly seeing and would like to clear up:
'Nectar': Used in "Nectar Rifle", "Nectar Curtain", "Nectar Cannon". Other translations include NECCTAR (for Nectar Curtain) and Nector (for Nector Rifle). NECCTAR is simply what official translations call it, but the pronounciation of the word is the same as "Nectar". Also "Nector" comes from "Nectoribium", the material that is used for the weapons. 'Nectar' WILL be changed to 'Nector' in the next few days.
'Alfred Gallant': Used in "Alfred Gallant". Other translations include "Alfried Gallant". In some translations, Alfred Gallant has a letter 'i' because his name is pronounced in that way. However this wiki chooses "Alfred" as it is the msot common translation.
'Acception/Connective': Used in coupling articles. Other translations include "Accept" and "Connect with". In official translations these are used because this is what the actors are actually saying. However in most other translations, they are changed to "Accept" and "Connect with", since Acception and Connective aren't actually official English words and don't make grammtical sense.
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• 4/18/2014

Support Group Application.

After a few days, i've finally finished. This is the semi-official template for the general Support Group application. Let me know if you have any qualms or ideas/sections to add to it. We can discuss it here.

Support GroupOfficial Application Form
Preferred Name?
{{{Preferred Name?}}}
What is your Gender?
{{{What is your Gender?}}}
User Activity:
{{{How frequently are you active?}}}
When is your Birthday?
Desired Support Group?
{{{What group are you currently applying for?}}}
Are you a part of any other Support Group?
{{{Are you a part of any of the other Support Groups?}}}

As an editor, what are you most skilled at?
{{{As an editor, what are you most skilled at?}}}
If you're accepted, how active will you be?
{{{If you're accepted, how active will you be?}}}
What made you choose this Support Group?
{{{What made you choose this particular Support Group?}}}
As a side note, what do you think of the Buddy Complex wiki Support Groups?
{{{As a side note, what do you think of the Buddy Complex wiki Support Groups?}}}
Place your signature here.
{{{Your Signature}}}
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• 4/16/2014

'Apparent' and 'Maybe', etc. in articles

I've noticed a lot of 'apparently' and 'maybe' in articles. Can I just say this is a bit irritating, as 'apparently' makes the article sound a bit unprofessional. Here's an example:
"Luxon Next apparently has a Nectar Rifle."
"Luxon Next has a Nectar Rifle."
Just saying, try to keep the word 'apparently' to a bare minimum.
Unless anyone else out there disagrees with this. I want to just put this out there.
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• 4/1/2014

Alfred is going to do something in season 2

He might a new leader resistance based In Russia defect confederate treaty of liberty do coup start a civil war because he will not accept bozin reasons or ambition for starting zoligia that's for sure
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• 3/24/2014

Images in the articles.

What's your feeling on images in the plot section of various characters? Good or Bad idea?
I know that will put a further burden on us, but do you think i's necessary? I mean, i'm on the fence with his one and want some input on it.
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• 3/24/2014

Hina's past and where the episode 1 Hina went

I question the trivia about Hina. It seems to say that she had forgotten about the whole experience and was deaged. The problem is that this doesn't fit all the things in the story. First, in episode 1, Hina tells Aoba that he told her that he was going to be attacked which he did in episode 8. So the trivia can fit with that but it doesn't explain why Aoba has his memories and she doesn't. I think that actually, she is a war orphan who lost her parents in a battle but somehow lost her memories during that battle. The Hina from episode 1 has returned to the time she left from. So she went farther into the future than Aoba did after going through the portal. Any thoughts?
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• 3/18/2014

Story Arcs

So far we have a To the Future Arc, but when does it end? I would think it would end at episode 9.
If we do choose to end it, what name should we give this new one?
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• 3/11/2014

Support Groups

Here we can discuss the Support Groups, their functions, and any questions regarding them. Before posting, make sure you have read the page on the matter, here.
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• 3/4/2014

Buddy Complex and CNC series, Coincidence?

Actually, Buddy Complex bears a similar resemblance to Command and Conquer Series.1) Nectoribium has the same properties of tiberium, however there is no evidence whether physical contact is harmful, or Nectoribium is spread out like tiberium. There are also no evidence that Nectoribium came from outer space. However, it can be utilized in weaponry.2) The motive of the formation of Free Pact Alliance is the same as Red Alert 1. To avoid further expansion of a republic faction (like Allies vs Soviet Socialist Republic). The world is also divided by these 2 factions similarly to Red Alert 2.3) Republic of Great Zogilia make uses of their resourcefulness and mass armies, while Free Pact Alliance had to make do with their higher technology (Coupling System). This is also applied to Allies and Soviets in red alert series, where the latter has (and always has) numerical superiority.4) Although a usual trend in other anime, time travel is also another factor which is same as red alert. The difference is where Albert Einstein uses time machine to travel back in time, Aoba get sucked into a vortex and travel to future instead.
Correct me if I am wrong. (Please, no comments about yaoi.)
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• 2/14/2014
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