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So far we have a To the Future Arc, but when does it end? I would think it would end at episode 9.

If we do choose to end it, what name should we give this new one?

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I suppose it depends on what happens in the next few episodes, due to the following events that could happen:

-Luxon and Bradyon were stolen. New mechas for Aoba and Dio?

-Hina and the big reveal about her father. Will they reveal the truth about "Yumihara", and why that isn't her surname?

-Will they reveal what happened to Hina in the next 3 episodes (eg. going back in time)

I think we should wait 1-3 episodes and see what happens.


Hmm... that sounds like a good idea.In a few episodes, we could end this current art. With everything going on, we might have to make a arc after episode 11. 

Also Dio now knows that Aoba is fromthe past
The changing in opening and ending songs for the anime could be the start of another arc or a part of an arc.
True. Shall we wait to see when it changes?
Yes let's wait a couple more episodes. I really hope the twists start because the series is probably reaching some high points of the plot.
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