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Koto Senju

Regarding Translations

I've noticed a lot of confusion over translations for things. Here are some I am cosntantly seeing and would like to clear up:

'Nectar': Used in "Nectar Rifle", "Nectar Curtain", "Nectar Cannon". Other translations include NECCTAR (for Nectar Curtain) and Nector (for Nector Rifle). NECCTAR is simply what official translations call it, but the pronounciation of the word is the same as "Nectar". Also "Nector" comes from "Nectoribium", the material that is used for the weapons. 'Nectar' WILL be changed to 'Nector' in the next few days.

'Alfred Gallant': Used in "Alfred Gallant". Other translations include "Alfried Gallant". In some translations, Alfred Gallant has a letter 'i' because his name is pronounced in that way. However this wiki chooses "Alfred" as it is the msot common translation.

'Acception/Connective': Used in coupling articles. Other translations include "Accept" and "Connect with". In official translations these are used because this is what the actors are actually saying. However in most other translations, they are changed to "Accept" and "Connect with", since Acception and Connective aren't actually official English words and don't make grammtical sense.

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Koto Senju

Nectar needs to change to Nector.

Alfred gallant can stay the same due to it being more common.

We utilize the English grammar. Ergo, "Accept" and "Connect with" is right, and should be used.


Alright, it should take me 1-2 days to change all "Nectar" words on this wiki to "Nector". The "Acception" and "Connective" thing is weird since "official" FUNimation translations use it, but I'll search out these words as well.


Much appreciated Makoto.
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