After watching the last 2 additional episode i concluded that hina is NOT from future.. Rather she is from the original timeline of Aoba. But she was send into the future by the experiment they did with Aoba (original timeline) and she got seperated. Rendering her the first to pilot the luxon doing coupling with dio as a confederation soldier. This explains why hina got no memories of what so ever in that (future timeline) thus she was trap in the loop..

The loop was done only twice. 

First when she as the pilot of luxon and the second where the anime started.

The third loop was done by bizon. rendering him a more a 70-80+ years old

But since they got back to their original timeline and it seems that aoba still got his memory of the future.. but hina do not... 

And i further conclude that since aoba possible got his memory of the happenings thus this will stop the further experimentation of the coupling system.

Am i the only one can say that the BC is great but didn't expect a possible next season. And if their will be it is possible future (timeline) sequel. (aoba and hina's grandchildren)...