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The Battle of Alaska was an attempt by the Alliance to destroy the Zogilian nector cannon, Garapushka, that had been constructed in Alaska.


The Alliance had known Zogilia was constructing a 420-meters long nector cannon in Alaska. They let it go because they thought it would take time to be finished. When they realized it was charging, thus that it was finished, the Alliance decided to destroy it.

The Alliance called it the Gorgon, whil its real name was Garapushka.

There was also the issue of the stolen Coupling Valiancers as the Alliance did not want Zogilia to have their own Coupling Valiancers.

Alfred Galland used Margaret O'Keefe to promote his plan to use the Garapushka to attack the incoming Alliance fleet.


Beginning of the BattleEdit

Even before the battle began, the Gorgon shot, and suprised the Alliance forces and downing or destroying 50% of its pacific 1st areal fleet that Zogilia launched its own fleet to clear the enemies' forces during the chaos. The Alliance sent notice for every airship to go destroy the Gorgon, including the Cygnus. Captain Kuramistu let Dio and Aoba go retrieve their new Coupling Valiancers on Firebrand and Skyknight.

After seeing the success they had had by shooting at the enemy firce, the Alaska commander ordered to prepare the canon for another shot. Alfred Gallant was against firing once again, but the commander decided to do it anyway. Gallant revealed the Gorgon was extremely demanding in nectoribium, using one year's worth of Zogilia mined nectoribium just to fire once. Margaret was also against it as it was not the plan, but they were ignored.

Battle of the Coupling ValiancersEdit

Then Zogilia sent their coupling Valiancers into battle. They caused a lot of damage until Bizon noticed the Cygnus, which had advanced to the front. Strongly desiring to kill Aoba, he took this chance to destroy his airship, swaying the three Beryls away. He damaged the Cygnus and was about to shoot it down when Aoba and Dio returned in Luxon Next and Bradyon Next, saving the Cygnus. Bradyon Next and Luxon Next coupled and Hahn commented to Bizon that the pilots were certainly the same, which caused him to realize Aoba was there. During the battle between the coupling Valiiancers, Elvira noticed an anomaly with the coupling Valiancers of Zogilia. She guessed the coupling was forced and devised a dangerous plan. Aoba took this chance to reach for Hina. Dio and Aoba decoupled and Aoba clashed with Hina, he used the coupling system to communicate with her and even opened his cockpit and got his helmet off so she could recognize him. It worked and the Zogilian Valiancers were forcefully decoupled. Aoba took Hina's Valiancer and followed Dio toward the Gorgon, leaving Bizon enraged.

Meanwhile, Zogilia was unable to make progress on the battlefield as the Alliance was still outnumbering them. The Cygnus was able to advance more.

The Time TunnelEdit

The Zogilian commander of the Alaska base still wanted to shoot once more. Margaret protested as their forces were in the firing range. He told her they had been notified. Bizon was able to recover Hina and tried to couple with her. Because she was going to be forced into coupling, Aoba decided to couple with her and she accepted. It had unexpected results as their emphater levels were high enough to engage Code T2 Rise, just by coming close, causing a bright green star to appear upon the battlefield, surprising everyone. The second shot of the Gorgon hit them but was stopped, due to Code T2 Rise, and the collision created a large yellow vortex, a time tunnel.

All forces were forced to leave the area. However, Bizon's damaged Valiancer was sucked in. Realizing he would threaten Aoba's life in the past, Hina decided to go. Aoba saw what had happened before, how she had went into the vortex, how he had tried to follow her and been stopped by Dio, how she had protected him back in 2014 and lost her memories and de-aged after sending him in 2088 in some eternal timeloop. This time Dio decided to help him due to having shared his memories. They stopped Hina and destroyed Bizon's Valiancer to stop him from threatening Aoba in the past. Dio, Hina and Aoba exited from the vortex.

Destruction of the GorgonEdit

The Cygnus and other airships destroyed the cannon. The commander, the officers of the base and Margaret fled the destruction. With it the Alliance had succeeded and the Zogilian forces were forced to retreat from Alaska.


Hina followed Dio and Aoba to the Cygnus. Bizon was not killed and had traveled back in time. He was revealed to be one of the leaders of Zogilia, although much older. He still retained his desire for vengeance against Aoba

The data the alliances got from there newly aquired Alaska base that zolligia republic had more two years nectorberium of theremining output storied there. The alliance military sensing weakness the alliance decided to launch a counter offensive in the pacific theater of the war so they can move the battlefield away from recently aquired pacific territories and japan.

The alliance currently in the operation got the hokado battlefront ,taiwan ,indochina ,Korea,banglidish, Malaysia regions and the sakkhan islands from the zolilgia republic and beacuse of the speed quickness and the few casualties they got during the Operation and the massive casultiess they inflicted on the zolgila armed forces the alliance once the fortifacations where complete they went to continue the counteroffensive in sothernn mainland china with it,s goal being to link up to the korean front where the war Is currently being fought.