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The Battle of Chitose Base refers to the invasion of Japan by the Zogilia Republic which included the overtaking of Chitose Base.


Japan was in the Alliance, it was blue on the map.

The Cygnus went to Chitose Base for reparation of its damaged engine.

Zogilia began to attack the Alliance fleet over the Sea of Japan. The Alliance military higher ups decided to send every ships of Chitose Base, including the Cygnus and their new prototypes.


As the Cygnus was preparing to go on the battlefield, Chitose base was attacked by Zogilian forces. The Alliance was forced to fight the enemy there rather than over the Sea of Japan. The Cygnus engaged emergency take off and launched its valiancers to protect the base and the leaving civilian ships, though they were absolutely not Zogilia's targets.

Luxon immediately found itself locked in a fight Aoba could not win because he was attacked by the unit he knew was Hina's and would not attack it and just defended. It annoyed Dio a lot but he would not help him because the battle was not there though he continued to watch. When he was finally told to go reach for Luxon in order to couple Jarl backed him up so he could go.

The Cygnus continued to fight until it was confronted with a stronger enemy: the Trident. The submarine divided itself and launched the airship part up in the sky; it attacked them, much to the Cygnus' crew's shock. The detected another fleet coming in their back and realized they were trapped and that the battle was lost: they just needed to escape. They called their generals too. Elvira proposed to use Code T2 Rise, since Aoba and Dio's relationship was smoother she thought it could work.

Dio saved Aoba from Hina and drove her away by shooting at her until Aoba stopped him, because it was Hina's valiancer. They argued but were interrupted by Elvira who explained their plan. Jarl was told they were retreating and emitted some protests until he was told it was an order from the higher-ups and after being told that he was well disposed to flee. Hina realized the new-types were not chasing her and decided to attack them.

However, Bradyon and Luxon coupled and easily evaded her attack before leaving. She tried to follow but they were too fast. The valiancers went back to the Cygnus and placed themselves in front of it. The Cygnus followed them at full speed and they engaged Code T2 Rise.

The fact the ship was coming right at them rendered Margaret O'Keefe and Alfred Gallant suspicious. They were utterly shocked when the nectar cannon and the nector rifle's sfhot bounced off the two valiancers. Dio and Aoba blocked every attack for 30 seconds. Then they quickly got out of the way, letting the Cygnus shot at the Trident, before landing on it. Margaret ordered another shot at the white swan. However, the Cygnus shot at the water and used it to weaken the enemy shot. The Cygnus flew over the Trident, successfully escaping the battle. Alfred Gallant told Margaret not to pursue them as the mission was to capture the base not the ship.


Chitose Base was taken by Zogilia. It led to the fall of most hokkado japan to Zogilia Republic, afterward, it appeared red on the world's map.

The coupling prototype were revealed to the Alliance public and assembly, the latter being fairly surprised because the coupling system was supposed to be prohibited and they wanted to know where the money came from.

The Cygnus had to accept a filming crew to get public support.