CVP-014A Karura
Name CVP-014A Karura
Developed from XV-7001 Luxon
Affiliation Zogilia Republic (Formerly)
Free Pact Alliance (Current)
Pilot(s) Hina Yumihara
Special Capabilities Coupling
Height 18.4 meters
Anime Encounter
The CVP-014A Karura is a Coupling Valiancer in the Buddy Complex anime. It is piloted by Hina Yumihara.



Karura is a pink Valiancer that bears a large resemblance to the Fortuna and belongs to the Zogilia Republic. It is piloted by Hina Yumihara. After the Fortuna was destroyed, Zogilia stole the Free Pact Alliance's Coupling Valiancers, XV-7001 Luxon and XV-7002 Bradyon, and outfitted their cockpits onto the Karura and CVP-015A Nergal. Karura was made as Hina's replacement Valiancer, whilst having a function to conduct a Coupling with other Coupling Valiancers, such as Nergal and XV-7101 Luxon NEXT.

Armaments & SystemsEdit


Karura's rifle.

Gun/Scythe: Karura carries a standard gun, and also has a mortar launcher integrated into it. For long range combat, the mortar launcher is used for bombardment, while the standard gun is used for mid to long range combat. The Karura also has a scythe armament on the opposite end of the gun to use as a melee weapon. It is very powerful, being able to cut multiple Valiancers in half in a single slice.

Nector Rifle: During the final battle with Evgeni Kedar's forces, the Karura was equipped with a Nector Rifle similar to the ones used by Luxon NEXT and Bradyon NEXT.


Karura during Coupling.

Coupling System: During coupling Karura gains two pink V-shaped wings that spread substantially larger than the Valiancer, which enable it to fly greater distances and at much greater speeds (to the point were it appears they are teleporting). The pilots also share experiences, abilities and skills while increasing the abilities and the output of the Valiancers. While Coupling with Bizon, it caused pain to Hina, as the Coupling was forced and did not have her consent.

Official ArtworkEdit


  • Karura's model number stands for Coupling Valiancer Prototype-014A).
  • Karura uses the XV-7001 Luxon's stolen Coupling cockpit.
  • Karura is a creature with a bird-like head and a human body in Japanese Hinduist-Buddhist mythology.
  • Karura is, at the moment, the only Valiancer that has defected to the opposing faction of its originator with the same pilot.