CVP-015A Nergal
Name CVP-015A Nergal
Developed from XV-7002 Bradyon
Affiliation Zogilia Republic
Pilot(s) Bizon Gerafil
Special Capabilities Coupling
Height 18.4 meters
Anime Encounter

The CVP-015A Nergal is a Coupling Valiancer in the Buddy Complex anime. It is piloted by Bizon Gerafil.


Nergal is a large and bulky purple and yellow Valiancer, that bears a slight resemblance to the ZEH-N-121 Nebiros. It is allied with the Zogilia Republic. After Zogilia stole the Free Pact Alliance's Coupling Valiancers, the XV-7001 Luxon and the XV-7002 Bradyon, the Nergal and CVP-014A Karura, which is piloted by Hina Yumihara, was fitted with their stolen cockpits.

Armaments & SystemsEdit

Guns: Nergal carries a total of four firearms, 2 guns for each hand, and each gun is half the size of the Nergal. They fire very powerful rounds, heavily damaging the Cygnus by constantly bombarding it alongside the Karura. The Nergal also has a storage compartment, which when opened, deploys a standard rifle for use.

Lance: Nergal has a red-tipped lance, which is used for close quarter combat. It easily cuts through most Valiancers.

Self-Destruct Mechanism: On activation, Nergal has the ability to self-destruct.[1]


Nebiros during Coupling.

Coupling System: During Coupling Nebiros releases purple v-shaped wings from its sides that spread substantially wider than the Valiancer, which enable it to fly greater distances and at much greater speeds (to the point were it appears they are teleporting). The pilots also share experiences, abilities and skills while increasing the abilities and the output of the Valiancers. While Coupling with Hina, it seemed to cause pain to both pilots, as the Coupling was forced.[2]

Official ArtworkEdit


  • Nergal was destroyed inside of the time tunnel, regardless of which timeline it was.
    • In the original timeline it was destroyed when it self-destructed within the time tunnel.
    • In the current timeline both Aoba and Dio shot and destroyed Nergal.
  • Nergal is the name of the Babylonian deity of war and fire.
    • Nergal was sometimes called a demon and was even mistakened as Satan. This may refer to Bizon, as he is a crazed antagonist.
    • This may also refer to Nergal being a demon-like or evil Valiancer.
  • Nergal houses the XV-7002 Bradyon's stolen cockpit.
  • Nergal is the first Valiancer shown in the anime.


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