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CSG Userbadge This user is an official member of the Character Support Group.

Only official members of the Character Support Group can add this badge to their pages! Remember, membership fraud is a bannable offense!

To add this badge, simply type {{CharacterSupport}} on your userpage.


As the Character Support Group we are obligated to:

  • Organize the character's page properly, with the right headings, sub-headings, etc.
  • Add any information that is missing for the character
  • Add any important images to the pages (For their abilities, plot, and appearance sections).

How To Join The Support GroupEdit

To join the "Character Support Group", if you're interested, you need to fill out an application and post it on our talk page. Once the Captain, Sdanand, reviews your application, he will notify you on your personal message wall. Also, another requirement to join the group is for you to have an account, in accordance with the project rules. Another thing is that if you have any, doesn't matter how trivial it is, if it connects to the topic; questions, don't be afraid of asking Sdanand or the Admins.

Expulsion PolicyEdit

Any users that goes inactive, without a message on neither Sdanand's nor one of the "PO's" wall and without stating a good reason as to why, will be expelled out of the Support Group. Also if you don't make an edit within a month (unless the Wikia is perfect), vandalizes, constantly insults any other member of the group, and/or breaks any of the other group rules, will be expelled. In the case of expulsion, you will be forced to take our signature badge off of your userpage, as keeping it on without being a member is a bannable offense. Before a member is expelled, they will be warned 4 days in advance for whatever reason they are being expelled of. The Captain and the Lieutenant(s) of the group will see to this. Despite the fact that the final expulsion is undebatable, the member who is expelled can reapply in at least a week after their expulsion if they choose to do so.


Copy this Template below.

{{Support Group Application
|Preferred Name?=
|What is your Gender?=
|How frequently are you active?=
|What group are you currently applying for?=
|Are you a part of any of the other Support Groups?=
|As an editor, what are you most skilled at?=
|If you're accepted, how active will you be?=
|What made you choose this particular Support Group?=
|As a side note, what do you think of the Buddy Complex wiki Support Groups?=
|Your Signature=

The Character Support GroupEdit

Member Date Admitted Signature Rank
Koto March 12th, 2014 KotoTalk Page-My Contributions -Admin- PO
Makoto Lee (Talk) March 13th, 2014 JacksonLee (talkcontribs) -Admin- PO
Sdanand (Talk) April 11th, 2014 Captain

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