Chloé Villa
Name Chloé Villa
Personal Information
Gender Female
Manga Buddy Complex: Coupling in Battlefield Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1 (ending card only)

Episode 13 (ending card only)

Voice Actor

Chloé Villa (クロエ・ヴェラ Kuroe Vera?) is a character featured exclusively in Buddy Complex: Coupling in Battlefield smartphone game and manga. She is one of the Couplers of the Free Pact Alliance based in China. |Family Haku Ichijo



Chloé is a bright and carefree girl, and she sometimes acts mischievously.



Chloé as she appears in the Buddy Complex: Coupling in Battlefield video game.

Chloé has blonde hair tied with pink scrunchy and green eyes. She usually seen wearing casual clothes or her magenta pilot attire.


Chloé's most notable ability is to be able to perform a Coupling. So far she has coupled with Aoba Watase and Haku Ichijo.


Ichijo HakuEdit


  • She bears a striking resemblance to Ayase Eli from Love Live!.

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