Coupling System
Episode #9
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Air date March 3, 2014

Coupling System is the ninth episode of the Buddy Complex anime.


Discouraged by his encounter with Hina, Aoba mopes around, but Dio finds his sniveling, defeatist attitude unacceptable, especially once they come under attack yet again.[1][2]


With the Luxon in heavy repair, Aoba begins to remember what happened on the island with Hina Ryazon. Captain Gengo Kuramitsu, meanwhile, apologizes to Vice-Admiral Richardson for the crew's continued delay. While scolding them the Vice-Admiral is interrupted by Doctor Alessandro Fermi, the creator of the Coupling System, who hacked into the telecommunication between the two. Upon the intrusion, Alessandro greets the crew personally arriving on The Crane, a Coupling research ship. Getting straight to the point, he asks for a demonstration, between Aoba and Dio, of their Coupling skills. Delighted at what he sees, Dio and Aoba conduct a Coupling for the full length of time.

Noticing that Aoba wasn't acting himself, Dio questions him about what happened on the island. Predicting that Aoba had met with Hina, Aoba denies it stubbornly, causing Dio to punch him. The two get into a short scuffle and are immediately placed into the jail cells to calm down. Doctor Fermi, coming to greet the two, further explains to them how the Coupling System operates. Informing them that even the tiniest lag in mental lapses could cease the Coupling immediately and to prevent this, the thoughts are transmitted a nano-second into the future. Leaving the two confused, the Doctor simply parts with them with hopes for their continued teamwork.

Discussing the matter of mass-producing the Coupling Valiancers, both Elvira Hill and Alessandro both regretted to inform Captain Gengo that they are not yet into those stages of development, despite the enemy highly coveting the technology. This discussion led reference to Doctor Wilhelm Hahn, who defected to The Zogilia Republic.

Meanwhile, on the Vajra, Doctor Hahn warns Margaret O'Keefe that he suspects that she has only one more chance to capture the prototype Valiancer. In agreeance, she personally embarks on the mission, taking Alfred Gallant and his Valiancer Unit. Coming to the battle with a plan to wait out the Coupling period between Dio and Aoba, the enemy, attacks with wave after wave of missiles. However, this plan fails as the two exceed the normal Coupling period destroying all of their missiles targeting them. Despite this, they were not able to save the Crane, and regrettably Doctor Fermi.

Upon returning to the Vajra, Doctor Hahn informs Margaret that she will be replaced and that they will act on Alfred's pre-proposed plan, calling Viktor Ryazan and his men for help.


  • The title refers to the evaluation of the Coupling System done by Elvira and Fermi, as well as the explanation of the Coupling System, and the fact Aoba and Dio bypassed the theoretical limit of its function (300 seconds).


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