It refers to the first time the Cygnus came across the Imperial Zogilian forces.


After the coupling system went public, the generals decided to have a promotion video made on it. They sent a filming crew as well as a pilot, Fromm Vantarhei. He was initially supposed to pilot Luxon but he was not compatible with Dio, but he was with Aoba. Thus he took Bradyon to couple with Luxon. Dio used Beryl Explorer to film.

Zogilia sent its imperial forces lead by Dolzief to capture one of the new prototypes.


The Cygnus was attacked by the imperial forces as they were filming the video. Jarl defended the Cygnus. The imperial forces deployed aerial mines. The valiancers tried to fight them off but to no avail, they were surrounded.

Aoba and Fromm were especially targeted, unable to move well. Aoba went looking for a free spot in the sky. Dio looked around and realized the enemy was driving Aoba away. Fromm could not help him. Kuramitsu realized Luxon was being lured toward the enemy firing range. Aoba realized he was in danger but he was already in trouble and could not move away.

At this point Dio caught an enemy and sent it to crash on another, loosing an arm of the Beryl Explorer, before shooting a third unit away which ended the encadrement technic the imperial Forces were using and Dolzief was not able to shot Luxon down. Dio attacked him and was able to damage his unit before retreating with Bradyon and Luxon. Enraged but seeing his plan had failed Dolzief decided to retreat.


The filming crew was happy to have images of a true battle, while Kuramitsu was mostly interested by the fact that the Imperial forces were bound to come back.

Aoba and Fromm mused over Dio's piloting abilities. Aoba thanked Dio for saving his life. Dio forced himself to act jovialy but it was apparently more to get rid of the filming crew and Fromm, though the latter was revealed to have come to stay anyway. A fact that pleased Aoba but not Dio.

Dolzief prepared another plan to capture the new-type.