Luxon Next, Bradyon Next, and Karura firing their Nector Rifles.

A Nector Rifle is a long-range energy weapon used by a few Valiancers in the Buddy Complex anime.


A more compact version of ship-mounted Nector Cannon, the Nector Rifle was still in the prototype stage at the beginning of the series.

Nector rifle concept art

Alsiel's Nector Rifle.

The first known Valiancer equipped with the Nector Rifle was the Alsiel, piloted by Zogilian ace pilot Alfried Gallant. It proved to be a powerful weapon, capable of damaging the Cygnus and preventing it from escaping. However, due to its experimental nature, it could only fire two shorts before having to recharge, and its bulkiness made close combat difficult. After Evgeni Kedar's coup, it was replaced by a more advanced model, which was more compact, could fire two beams at once, and was capable of rapid fire.

Both of the Free Pact Alliance's next generation Coupling Valiancers, Luxon NEXT and Bradyon NEXT, were equipped with Nector Rifles.

Zogilia's experimental Coupling Valiancer, the Karura, was equipped with a variant of the Nector Rifle known as Nector Bullet Rifle, which fired Nector rounds that scatter, capable of destroying multiple enemies with one shot. It was later equipped with a more conventional Nector Rifle during the final battle with Evgeni Kedar's forces, which was similar to the ones used by the Luxon NEXT and the Bradyon NEXT.

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  • Interestingly, all Zogilian Nector Rifles fire red beams, while Alliance Nector Rifles fire yellow beams.