Name Nectoribium
User(s) Zogilia Republic

Free Pact Alliance

Use(s) Fuels most of the world's assets.
Anime Episode 3
Nectoribium is an energy source that not only fuels the series' ongoing war, but is also one of the causes of it.[1]


Nectoribium was first discovered in 2014, in the Republic of Zogilia, a small Central Asian country. It was initially named "Olivium" because of its olive color. However, after its ability to generate massive amounts of power was discovered, scientists exclaimed that it was as if they had obtained the nectar of the Gods, and it was renamed "Nectoribium".[2]

Nectoribium soon replaced oil as the most sought after resource in the world, and worldwide search for the valuable mineral revealed that it only exists in small quantity in the Pacific Rim region, such as North America, Australia, and Japan. These deposits are far smaller than the one in Zogilia, however, and the once insignificant country quickly rose to prominence after every major country in the world offered them vast amount of fund in a joint mining operation.[2]



Alsiel's Nector Rifle.

Nectoribium is a highly coveted and potent resource. Not only does it produce massive amounts of power when under high temperature and pressure, Nector Reactors also have weight reduction properties. Originally used on Nectoribium mining transports and heavy mining machinery, this property is what made Valiancers and airships possible.[3]

Nectoribium has a large number of military applications, from Valiancer weapons such as Nector Swords and Nector Rifles, to ship-mounted Nector Cannons and defensive Nector Curtain.[3]

The three largest Nectoribium mines in the world are Muruntau, Uzbekistan and Kumtor, Kyrgyzstan in the Republic of Great Zogilia; and Kalgoorlie, Australia in the Free Pact Alliance.[4]


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