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The Zogilian ship is destroyed.

The Private Ship Rescue Mission refers to the attack of a Zogilian carrier on the private ship belonging to the Weinberg family.


The Cygnus having been damaged during the fight with Alfred Gallant's team, needed to go to Chitose Base as Narashino Base did not had the materials.

Aoba Watase enlisted, was ranked Reserve Second Lieutenant or Ensign, and officially assigned to Luxon. Dio was not fine with this but he did not protest his superiors' decisions.

Beryl Commander still needed reparations. Lee Conrad was still in the infirmary, resting.

The Weinberg family is a rich, influential family of the Alliance and they are important support to the war effort.


The Cygnus capted the SOS of a private ship attacked by a Zogilian carrier, which was already considered to be strange. Jarl, Dio and Aoba were sent to help them. However, Aoba and Dio were unable to couple, apparently due to Dio's lack of trust. Bradyon, Luxon and Beryl Assault entered the battlefield anyway.

The private ship was surrounded by enemy valiancers and the airship came to place itself above it, deployed cables, capturing the civilian ship. The captain of the enemy ship, Bonelle, was fine with that method. However, the Cygnus' crew noted that hijacking like that was barabrian. Dio passed by the private ship in his struggle with the valiancers and saw the symbol on it: the ship belonged to the Weinberg family, his family. He became frantic with freeing it, to no avail, leaving Aoba perplexe. The Cygnus' crew understood why the enemy had attacked the ship in the first place upon realizing to who it belonged.

Kuramitsu called Aoba and told him the ship belonged to Dio's family, that his family was certainly on board and that because they were influential in the Alliance, Zogilia would use them as political hostages. Aoba convinced Dio to let him help and they were able to couple.

Dio immediately went on the offensive, slashing throught the enemy valiancers, passing through the carrier's barrier shots and shooting the cables, which impressed Aoba. The private ship immediately began to pull away from its former captor. Dio and Aoba destroyed the remaining valiancers. The Cygnus shot down the carrier.


Dio and Aoba were ordered to escort the private ship to Chitose Base. Dio was happily greeted by his sister, Fiona, but talked off by his father, leaving Aoba confused about what had happened and curious.