Saburouta Ogisaka
Name Saburouta Ogisaka
Personal Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Free Pact Alliance
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Anime Episode 2
Voice Actor

He is in charge of engine management for the Cygnus. He was also the one who gave Aoba's initiative tour of the ship.


He was assigned to the Cygnus.


He appeared as being strict and somewhat arrocgant and cocky. He liked to order Aoba around, while he said he had been forced into this role, the other bridge officers denied having ever asked him, he was too happy to do it.


He is a tall, muscular man with dark hair and brown eyes.


He was assigned on the Cygnus and was present when Aoba was detected within Luxon.

He was responsible for Aoba's welcoming tour with Mayuka; which means they had him do chores and clean the ship before retiring to the bridge. When Aoba arrived on the bridge he was present for his welcoming party.