This page refers to the batle taken place as Aoba's piloted the Luxon for a second time against Zogilian Forces.


The secret location of the new prototype valiancers of the Alliance having been found and attacked, captain Kuramitsu had the Cygnus launched and the facility destroyed. They headed toward Japan.

Aoba was being given a lesson about nectoribium and Zogilia's quest to have it all and how it had triggered the apparition of the Free Pact Alliance, however he fell asleep angering her. Aoba was shown around and had an argument with Dio. It was revealed Luxon had been prepared for Aoba to pilot it again.

Meanwhile, Hina reported to Alfred Gallant. Zogilia began to prepare a plan to capture one of the two new-type of the Alliance.


Bizon, Lasha and Tarjim began to pursue the Cygnus. Kuramitsu had Beryl Commander, Beryl Assault and Bradyon to fight them off. Aoba was left in the Cygnus where Don asked him if he knew how to swim due to the fact that the Cygnus was once again in trouble and that there was only sea under them. Kuramitsu called the technician and Aoba, askin a favor. Zogilia's valiancers then appeared to back off, but it was just part of the plan.

The Cygnus was attacked by Alfred Gallant. With Aisel's nector riffle, he damaged the Cygnus' rear engine. Bradyon went to intercept him but was soon attacked by Hina. Dio found himself surrounded by three valiancers. At this point the Cygnus' crew realized they wanted to capture Bradyon and that they were too far away to help. Don called the bridge and declared Luxon was ready to launch.

Dio was able to evade his adversaries to go meet with Luxon, though he was more annoyed by it than anything else. Aoba used Luxon to reach the battlefield and coupled with Bradyon. Dio let Aoba deal with Hina and went back to fight Gallant and Passo, his support. The capacities of the coupling valiancers impressed their enemies. Dio was able to shot down Passo.

However the battle took a weird turn when Aoba finally strike at the Fortuna only to realize Hina was piloting it. It caused him to stop the coupling, forced decoupling which caused pain to him and Dio, to open the cockpit to try to reach for her. But she tried to shoot him, not reckonising him.

Gallant used Aoba's distraction to take a shoot at him which was intercepted by Lee, who trew his beryl between the danger and Aoba. Lee's unit was damaged but Aoba was unharmed.

Both sides decided to end the hostilities there, as they had lost a lot already.


Dio striked at Aoba for his carelessness but no other crew members of the Cygnus held a grudge on him, not even Lee, despite his damaged Beryl Commander and his own wounds. Lee told Aoba they owed his their lives and that he was their saviour. Don thanked him too, for saving them. Yet, Dio became even more distrustful of Aoba.

Meanwhile Hina was jailed by Margaret O'Keefe because of suspicions of treason, despite Alfred Gallant telling her the enemy pilot had been the one trying to establish contact.