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It refers to the second time the Cygnus clashed with the imperial forces of Zogilia.


The Cygnus was hiding among islands and waiting for a storm to come so it could flee the Gae Bolg, the imperial squad airship, as the valiancers would not be able to fly in strong winds.

However, the Cygnus was detected by Alfred Gallant's new ship, Vajra. He gave the white swan's location to Dolzief, telling him they could help if he wanted but Dolzief refused. Only the Gae Bolg approached the Cygnus, much to its crew's relief.

Aoba and Dio decided to be coupling buddies despite the fact coupling with Aoba was deviating Dio's waveform. Due to this Aoba still questioned Dio's choice, the latter just answered he might be able to train it to standard and added that putting Aoba in a Beryl for the first time in a battle would not help much. It turned out Elvira had seen it coming and prepared Bradyon with Dio's datas.


The Cygnus detected ten enemy valiancers and lauched its five valiancers. The enemy noticed the two new types had been launched and prepared to go on with their tactic. The enemy divided in two groups, one heading for the valiancers to other to the Cygnus. Dio and Aoba were sent to defend the Cygnus. Yet they realized the leader, the yellow crested one was not there, and soon were attacked by ten more valiancers.

The beryls were stuck with the five valiancers while Dolzief and is nine support units began to surround the coupling valiancers. Bradyon and Luxon coupled and Dio immediately tried to find an exit, Aoba warned him just in time for him to evade Dolzief's shot, annoying the latter. His team deployed the aerial mines.

Dio realized they were already surrounded and Aoba commented it was like the last time. They both tried to find an exit to no avail. Dolzief nearly shot Luxon down, having studied its move from their previous encounter.

Aoba saw no exit to the situation but Dio told him there was one thing they had not tried and Aoba understood he was proposing to use Code T2 Rise, both valiancers synchronized their moves. Dolzief commented it was easier to shoot them if they had the same move and sent his team after them. Anessa reported the valiancers were speeding up and as Aoba and Dio's emphater level went up, Elvira guessed they were going to use Code T2 Rise, something Aoba confirmed. Dio and Aoba engaged Code T2 Rise and every shots bounced off them.

At this point they began to attack, shooting Dolzief's team while staying back to back and synchronized which pleased Elvira as it bypassed her expectations. Dolzief was the last one they took down, they disengaged Code T2 Rise and used their sword to cut his valiancer in two part. Dolzief, utterly shock, commented his plan was supposed to be perfect before his valiancer exploded, killing him.

His death permited the beryls to counterattack the enemy units and shot down at least one. The imperial squad began to retreat and the Cygnus engaged battle with the Gae Bulg.


Dio decoupled the valiancers and with Aoba he went to help the others. However, Alfred Gallant was waiting for that, as he knew they needed a moment before engaging coupling again. He sent Bizon, Lasha, Tarjim and Hina to attack them.

Seeing the situation was not good, Kuramitsu decided to head for the storm and have the valiancers back. The three beryls and Bradyon were able to land but Luxon was attacked by Fortuna, since Hina had refused to retreat to take down Aoba. Aoba still refused to fight her but their struggle ended with both of them plumetting through the clouds and crash landing on an island, leading both side to search for them.