The Bond Between Them
Episode #12
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Episode Information
Air date March 24, 2014

The Bond Between Them is the twelth episode of the Buddy Complex anime.


The crew of the Cygnus work through the fallout of losing the Luxon and the Bradyon, and of the flawed Coupling that Aoba and Dio conducted using the old Coupling Valiancers.[1][2]


The episode opens with Aoba and Dio undergoing a check up, as there is concern over damage to their waveforms, after they had forcefully decoupled. Elvira comments that despite trying to prevent the coupling, they were able to overcome this, as their bond keeps growing. After the check up, Dio confronts Aoba and asks him if he really is from the past, as he had seen Aoba's memories. Elvira explains that the old-type mechas allowed users to share memories as well through a stronger psychological bond, and while this was stronger than the usual, it would only work effectively if it could be controlled.

Meanwhile, a funeral is underway for Viktor Ryazan and other troops that have died. Bizon confronts Hina about Aoba, and Hina explains about Aoba and his story of time travel, while also telling him Viktor was not her real father. Hina also theorizes the reason she lost her memories is because the time travel Aoba had mentioned made her lose her memories. Hina then shows him the hairpin Aoba had given her. Disgusted, Bizon tells her it is only a lie and knocks away the hairpin. He attempts to kiss her, but she pushes him aside.

At the Zogilia Alaskan base, Wilhelm Hahn asks Hina to join his division, as she has superb coupling potential. He gives her an injection, which makes Hina go into a emotionless state. Bizon, wanting to join Hina, undergoes a painful process and obtains a suit that allows him to use the coupling system, as he did not have the capability before.

The Cygnus is sent out with a Alliance fleet to destroy the Gorgon, a 420 meter nector cannon. Two new Coupling Valiancers were to be delivered to Aoba and Dio in the middle of the battlefield.

As the two fleets engage, the Valiancers onboard the Cygnus are put on standby, waiting for the two coupling Valiancers. As Hina mercilessly destroys numerous ships and Valiancers, Alfred Gallant seems to notice something different about Hina. The Zogilia base fires the Gorgon, destroying 51% of the Alliance fleet. Although the ship with the coupling Valiancers was not hit, it's positioning could not be confirmed.


  • The title may refer to the fact that Aoba and Dio's emphatier level had increased, proving their bond had become stronger.
    • It may also refer to the bonds between Hina and Bizon, as he wanted it to be romantic, but she sees him more as a brother. This is also evidenced by the fact Bizon was willing to go through a painful process to become Hina's Coupling buddy.


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