The Confederate Treaty of Liberty Alliance
Free pact alliance
Name The Confederate Treaty of Liberty Alliance
Countries North American countries
European countries
Anime Episode 2
The Free Pact Alliance (自由条約連合 Jiyū Jōyaku Rengō?), or more formally known as The Confederate Treaty of Liberty Alliance, is a long standing alliance between Japan, North American countries, and European countries, formed to combat the Zogilia Republic.


During the first half of the 21st century, a new resource, known as nectoribium, was discovered and excavated in abundance by the dictatorial Zogilia Republic, which could be used to create weapons. Seeing this as a threat, many opposing countries banded together as the last hope of the world, and became known as the Free Pact Alliance.

Having lost countless battles, the alliance was desperate for a way to overcome their enemies and discovered a unique use of their resources. The result of their experiments became known as the "Coupling system". The Coupling system allowed fighters to share experiences, knowledge, and skills. The project was abandoned, because of many deaths, failures, and resources, but was then secretly approved again and eventually two coupling prototype Valiancers were ready to be tested, Skyknight and Firebrand. Being very effective, the alliance made more "combat ready" Coupling Valiancers called, Luxon and Bradyon and was able to turn the tide in their favor, increasing their chances of victory.[1] However the higher-ups seemed to have realized the value of the coupling system only when the Coupling Valiancers were stolen by Zogilia, and realized that Zogilia could make their own Coupling Valiancers.


Not much is known about the alliance or how they operate, except that it was formed, predominately of the Western-hemisphere and Japan and Mexico just recently joined all countries in Central America ,turkey iserail Egypt and other arab states are defacto members of it against the Zogilia Republic. The formation was the direct result of Zogilia's rising power, and became known as the "Last Hope of the World".

The European battlefield borders with Zogilia, and seems to be Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ukraine All countries which lie further to the east, and also the Scandinavian countries and the North Sea, are part of the battlefront. Interestingly, The confederate treaty of liberty is slowly winning in Europe and oceania and know overall war sense the battle of Alaska. since ten years before the events of the series Hina was found in Zagreb, Croatia, at the battlefront, but the world map that has been shown[2]indicates that it's part of the Free Pact Alliance, meaning the battlefront moved slightly eastwards, towards Zogilia.

The Alliance seems to have a parliament for all countries to speak but the parliament can be ignored by the military higher-ups as the coupling project was kept a secret resulting in the parliament wondering where the army got the money for the coupling system project.

After the Battle of Alaska the Free Pact Alliance used data they found out that Zolilga lost more than two years worth of there nectoribium mining with the loss of there Alaska base this data l obtained from the Alaskan base to launch a counteroffensive in the Pacific Theater. The goal was to move combat away from there newly acquired Pacific Territories, as Japan currently recaptured the area in Hokkaido, captured the Sakkhan 'Taipei,Korean,Indochina, Bangladeshi, and Malaysian regions. It went so well that the higher-ups in the military decided to do another counter offensive in China. They then launched a counter offensive in Southern China against the Zogilia Republic with the goal to link up with the Korean front.

It has since signed a peace treaty with the Zogilia Republic, after the atrocities committed by Bizon Gerafil.which favored the alliance which reduced zolgia to mainland Russia and Mongolia and Stan regions



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