Tomoyo Watase
Aoba's Mother
Name Tomoyo Watase
Personal Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Presumed Deceased
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor

Tomoyo Watase is Aoba and Tsubasa's mother.


Not much is known of her except she was married to a firefighter.


Appearing briefly in the start of the series, she was worried that Aoba would be late for school. After Aoba arrives in the future, Aoba implied his sister could be alive but he had no hope for their mother still being alive. She also appears in one of Aoba's flashbacks, at the funeral of her husband, hugging Tsubasa.


  • It is implied she died of old age, or wished to have died of old age, due to the ongoing war. The files were damaged because of the war so no one knows exactly what happened to her.

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