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Air date March 17, 2014

Truth is the eleventh episode of the Buddy Complex anime.


The Zogilians infiltrate the Hawaii Base. While the crew of the Cygnus work to thwart them, Hina's father reveals a startling truth to her.[1][2]


The episode opens with Aoba and the Cygnus crew at the Hawaii base looking at the Coupling mechas Firebrand and Skyknight. Elvira mentions they no longer use them, and do not intend to. Meanwhile a damaged ship requests a emergency landing on the base. It turns out to be soldiers and Valiancers from Zogilia, who were there to steal Luxon and Bradyon.

While looking for Luxon and Bradyon there are several flashbacks of Hina's past, including her deciding to join the army. Her father, Viktor Ryazan, is fatally wounded while saving Hina from a gunshot. As the pair and other soldiers hide in another part of the base, Viktor explains how Hina was adopted as he lay dying. He had adopted her from a battlefield when Hina was young. After Hina escapes, Viktor activates a grenade, killing him and several Free Pact Alliance soldiers.

Conflicted and confused, Hina wanders around the base and stumbles upon Aoba. They sit down and talk about what had happened to Hina when Bizon shows up after looking for her. Bizon takes Hina and escapes, stealing Luxon and Bradyon in the process.


Elvira attempts to stop Skyknight from Coupling.

In an attempt to retrieve Luxon and Bradyon without shooting them down, Aoba and Dio decide to use Firebrand and Skyknight. They attempt a Coupling, but Elvira attempts to stop this by changing the settings. However Aoba and Dio override this, and the Coupling suceeds. However their Emphatier levels cause them to share memories and eventually forcefully decouple. This gives Bizon and Hina the chance to escape.

The episode ends with Aoba and Dio exhausted and confused over what has happened.


  • The title may refer to the fact Hina learnt the truth about her past, and somehow was linked with what Aoba had told her. It may also refer to Dio seeing Aoba's memories and realizing he had been telling the truth about coming from the past.


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