Name Vajra
Affiliation Zogilia Republic
Anime Episode 7
The Vajra is a airship allied with the Zogilia Republic.


The Vajra was newly built for Alfried Gallant for conquering of the Free Pact Alliance's Chitose Base. Housing the same crew as the Trident, this ship is more equipped to combat against the Alliance's Cygnus in aerial combat.


The Trident's Crew
Name Rank Function
Margaret O'Keefe Secret Service officer Overseer of all operations aboard the Vajra.
Alfred Gallant Lieutenant Colonel Captain of the Vajra and it's Valiancer Unit.
Bizon Gerafil Lieutenant, Junior Grade Co-Captain of the Vajra's Valiancer Unit.
Tarjim Vasily Ensign Serve within the Vajra's Valiancer Unit.
Lasha Hakkarainen Ensign Serve within the Vajra's Valiancer Unit.
Hina Ryazan Ensign Serve within the Vajra's Valiancer Unit.

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