Name Valiancer
Affiliation Free Pact Alliance

Zogilia Republic

Special Capabilities Combat
Anime Encounter

Valiancers are piloted mechas in the Buddy Complex anime TV series. New Coupling prototypes such as the XV-7001 Luxon, piloted by Aoba Watase, and XV-7002 Bradyon, piloted by Dio Junyou Weinberg, are being developed with greater capabilities.


Valiancers in the world of Buddy Complex are mostly used for combat; between the two factions Zogilia Republic, its various sub-factions, and the Free Pact Alliance which was created in response to Zogilia conquering several nearby countries for more Nectoribium.


Firebrand and Skyknight were the first two mechas to have the Coupling system installed into them and were followed by the Luxon and Bradyon. Zogilia later stole the two Valiancers, and refitted them to their own Coupling Valiancers, the CVP-014A Karura and CVP-015A Nergal. The Alliance later developed the XV-7101 Luxon NEXT and XV-7102 Bradyon NEXT to replace the stolen prototype Valiancers.

Power SourceEdit

Valiancers require large amounts of energy to power them. Valiancers are powered mainly by Nectoribium and is commonly recognized as the most effective way to fight for the supply of Nectoribium.

List of Coupling ValiancersEdit

List of ValiancersEdit