Vice-Admiral Richardson
Name Vice-Admiral Richardson
Personal Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Free Pact Alliance
Rank Vice-Admiral
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Anime Episode 5
Voice Actor
He was in charge of the all the Pacific Fleets of the Alliance.


He appears as formal and as a firm believer of the Alliance fighting capacity and eventual victory against Zogilia.


In episode 9 he greeted the Cygnus' officers, commenting they were late. He made it clear he considered the coupling mechas as not being essential to the Alliance, much to Elvira's annoyance. He was cut off by doctor Fermi who shut his communication screen.

In episode 10, he was present during the demonstration of the coupling mechas and was utterly impressed by their achievements.


  • Since the Cygnus was supposed to go to Hawaii, to his fleet, it is possible that he is the one who refused to send even a ship to help them getting there.