Wilhelm Hahn
Wilheim Hahn
Name Wilhelm Hahn
Personal Information
Gender Male
Rank Head Researcher
Species Human
Current Status Deceased
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Takehito Koyasu
Doctor Wilheim Hahn (ヴィルヘルム・ハーン, Viruherumu Hān ) was the chief of the Republic of Great Zogilia's Science Academy 2nd Research Laboratory. He was Zogilia's leading researcher in Coupling technology.


He was once a researcher under Alessandro Fermi[1], however, he questioned Fermi's more humane research methods, and defected to Zogilia in order to pursue his research without such restrictions.[2]

Personality & CharacterEdit

Hahn is a very intelligent and cunning individual. He also has a sarcastic side to him as shown when he mocked Margaret O'Keefe getting replaced, deeming it as a vacation. He is also very intelligent, being able to deduce Bizon's identity in the future. Seeing as he is the main researcher for Zogilia, he is shown to be very knowledgeable in Valiancer technology. It is later shown he is also very arrogant, and always thought of himself as inferior to Elvira's works, constantly trying to surpass them.

Hahn was a ruthless man. Unlike Fermi, he cared little for the safety of Couplers, considering them to be nothing more than parts for his Valiancers. While Fermi's Coupling System requires the consent of both Couplers, the system that Hahn developed can be forcefully activated by one side. In order to make the system work, he was willing to go as far as brainwashing Hina Ryazan into piloting one of the Coupling units.[3][4]

As a side note, he likes to put a lot of sugar cubes in his coffee, in order to energize his brain.[2]


As of now, the doctor's only defining trait is his intelligence. As top researcher of Zogilia's coupling technology advancement, he has vast knowledge on the subject. He was even able to discover that the Coupling pair only lasted 300 seconds, and made a plan specifically devised to defeat the pair. This, however, failed only due to the fact that an anomaly occurred between the two, letting them access Coupling far longer than expected.[1]This is knowledge that even the creator, Alessandro Fermi and top researcher Elvira Hill, had no knowledge of.


To the Future ArcEdit

Upon making his first appearance, it was revealed he was the one that asked for the capture of the Coupling Valiancers. It was also revealed he defected to Zogillia but once worked with Alessandro Fermi and Elvira Hill, thus being the reason why Zogillia has been dead set on obtaining one. He talked to Margaret O'Keefe telling her it was her last chance. He apparently also said the Coupling would not last more than 300 seconds, which was true but defied by the pilots that time. He told Margaret she was going to be replaced after the plan failed and confirmed Alfred Gallant his plan to indirectly capture the new type was approved.


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