XV-5001L Skyknight
Name XV-5001L Skyknight
Developed into XV-7001 Luxon
Affiliation Free Pact Alliance
Pilot(s) Aoba Watase
Special Capabilities Coupling
Anime Truth

XV-5001L Skyknight (スカイナイト, Sukainaito )is a first generation zero-type mecha in the Buddy Complex anime. It is the predecessor to the XV-7001 Luxon. Firebrand is it's twin mecha. It was piloted briefly by Aoba Watase.


Skyknight is a dark green zero-type mecha. Compared to Valiancers, it is bulky, more Beryl-like, and has a simpler Coupling system. It's wings radiate a green glow during Coupling.

Armaments & SystemsEdit


Skyknight during Coupling.

Coupling System: During Coupling Skyknight gains wings that enable it to fly greater distances and at greater speeds. The pilots also share skills, abilities and experiences while increasing the abilities and the output of the mechas. Unlike the Coupling Systems on the Luxon and Bradyon, it was much weaker, and required a stronger psychological connection.


  • Skyknight, like Firebrand, was not supposed to be flown again due to safety concerns. The old Coupling System created such a strong psychological connection that the buddies might lose themselves and possibly die.
  • It is unknown is Skyknight was ever combat equipped, as it did not feature any armaments.
  • Skyknight is the predecessor to Luxon, and was built by Dr. Alessandro Fermi.
  • Skyknight and Firebrand are the only mechas that do not have model numbers.
  • In episode 12 it is seen onboard the Cygnus despite the fact Elvira appears not to want Aoba anywhere near it because it is dangerous. It is not counted as a combat-ready Valiancer, as it is stated the Cygnus only have the three Beryls ready to fight.
  • Aoba used Skyknight in episode 13 to recover the XV-7101 Luxon NEXT.