ZEH-N-121 Nebiros
Name ZEH-N-121 Nebiros
Affiliation Zogilia Republic
Pilot(s) Bizon Gerafil
Anime Nice Coupling

The ZEH-N-121 Nebiros is a Valiancer in the Buddy Complex anime. It is piloted by Bizon Gerafil.


The Nerbiros is purple in color and has a skinnier frame compared to other Valiancers. It is allied with the Zogilia Republic. The model functionality however, is built similarly to be well rounded, and seems to be adequately designed for both long and close quarter combat. The Nebiros' design makes it both fast and agile, fitting Bizon's style of combat.

In combat, the Nebiros is most notably shown to have more agility than other Valiancers. It was able to, on at least two occasions, hold it's own against one that has its capabilities doubled by Coupling, as opposed to others who would normally be easily overpowered.[1][2]


Sword: The Nebiros is also equipped with a sword that is attached to its right arm. The sword is durable enough to contend blow-for-blow with the XV-7002 Bradyon, despite it being empowered from Coupling.

Rifle:: As a method for long-range combat, the Nebiros is equipped with a rifle that is capable of rapid fire and destructive power. It is wielded with the left arm.

Missile Launcher: Nebiros carries a missile launcher capable of launching multiple missiles at once. It is carried with the right arm.

Official ArtworkEdit


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