ZEH-N-125 Ogre
Name ZEH-N-125 Ogre
Affiliation Zogilia Republic
Pilot(s) Tarjim Vasily
Special Capabilities Anti-airship cannon
Anime Nice Coupling

The ZEH-N-125 Ogre is a Valiancer in the Buddy Complex anime. It is piloted by Tarjim Vasily.


It is allied with the Zogilia Republic. Its design is bulkier than other Valiancers, and is green and black in color. It was designed to combat airships and comes equipped with heavy armor and firepower.


  • Cannon
The most notable weapon within the Ogre's arsenal is the large cannon that it wields. it is able to fire large destructive blasts, capable of causing heavy damage to most of its targets.[1]
Like other Valiancers, the Ogre is also equipped with a sword that, with a direct hit, is capable of cutting through most other Valincers.[2]
  • Axe
The Ogre is also equipped with a large red-tipped battle axe type weapon.[3]

Official ArtworkEdit


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