ZEH-N-126 Fortuna
Name ZEH-N-126 Fortuna
Affiliation Zogilia Republic
Pilot(s) Hina Yumihara
Anime Nice Coupling
The ZEH-N-126 Fortuna is a Valiancer in the Buddy Complex anime. It was formerly piloted by Hina Yumihara.


The Fortuna is a pink Valiancer that belongs to the Zogilia Republic. It was designed to specialize in close combat, with it's output increased to close in on other high-speed Valiancers. After it disobeyed orders and chased the XV-7001 Luxon and caused the two Valiancers to crash into a island, it was heavily damaged and sank into the sea.

Armaments and Systems

Nector Blade ST8 "Cornu Copiae": Two Nector blades used for close combat, they can combine to form a double-bladed sword.

Assault Rifle SVZ-58 "Sobaka": The Fortuna's primary ranged weapon, the same model as the assault rifle used by Kugel Commander Type.

Multipurpose General-use High Mobility Missile Launcher: An 8-tube missile launcher mounted in the backpack.

Official Artwork


  • The Fortuna was destroyed when it sank into the sea. It is unknown if the Fortuna was recovered with Hina.