ZEH-N-131 Alsiel
Name ZEH-N-131 Alsiel
Affiliation Zogilia Republic
Pilot(s) Alfried Gallant
Special Capabilities None
Anime Meeting Again

The ZEH-N-131 Alsiel is a Valiancer in the Buddy Complex anime. It is piloted by Alfried Gallant.

Overview Edit

The Alsiel is one of the Zogilia Republic's more recent models. It is bulkier than most shown Valiancers and can maneuver in air very well, seemingly better than a normal grunt-style Valiancer. The size and output of the back is increased to allow this maneuverability. Not being built for close combat, it gives Alfried an advantage at escaping from close encounters and attacking at a distance. When put in a situation with allies, it's use becomes invaluable as it can attack at long ranges with heavy impact weaponry.[1] Although all Valiancers are capable of high-speed flight, the Alsiel's model however, seems to have greater mobility in the air than most as it is designed for long-range combat.[2]



Alsiel's Nector Rifle.

Nector Rifle: Alsiel is equipped with a Nector Rifle which causes massive amounts of damage to it's target on impact. In two different instances, one hit was able to take out single quarters of the Cygnus and destroy Lee Conrad's Beryl Commander in a single shot. It has been stated it is abnormal for a Valiancer to be able to carry a Nector Rifle on the front lines.[3]Alsiel, other than the XV-7101 Luxon NEXT and XV-7102 Bradyon NEXT, is the only Valiancer to be able to carry a Nector Rifle. Its appearance is that of a large, bulky long rifle that fits into the design of the Valiancer.

Sword/Shield: The Alsiel has a shield that blocks incoming projectiles. However, there is a special mechanism in this shield; this being that inside the shield, containing a sword used for close quarter combat. The sword is crimson red in color, while the shield is the standard red and black styled shield of Zogilian Valiancers.


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References Edit

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