Zogilia Republic
Name Zogilia Republic
Countries European and Asian Countries
Anime Episode 2
The Zogilia Republic is a long standing dictatorial nation which conquered most of the Asian and European countries.


The exact origins of the Zogilian Republic are unknown, however it did start as a mining and PMC corporation and started initially in Asia. During the first half of the 21st century, the mining corporation discovered an abundant resource known as Nectoribium. Highly coveting the resource, Zogilia began to conquer nearby nations in order to increase and sustain their supply. Seeing this as a direct threat to the rest of the world, the Free Pact Alliance was created by a band of opposing nations.[1]Thus Zogilia became an military empire. Despite having a great Russian influence, the former Russian military held Northern Islands of the former Russian Federation, home to the military and the a few million people populated there, mostly descended from refugees, who refused to and who would refused to fight for Zogilia and would of rather have fought Zoligia than become there servants are defacto members of the Free Pact Alliance. After things started to get out of hand, the Zogilia Republic formed a Siberian army to keep them in check.

It has since signed a peace treaty with the Alliance, which favored the alliance which reduced Zogilia to mainland Russia and Mongolia and former user republics in the south after the atrocities committed by Bizon Gerafil.


Not much is currently known about the Zogilia Republic, except that it was formed of countries in the Eastern-hemisphere.

Their salute is "Slava Zogilia" which is slightly grammatically incorrect Russian for "Glory [to] Zogilia".



Former PersonnelEdit


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